Crypto Edition Squatties characters sit on their exclusive elevated plinths, lording over normal Squatties.

They are brought to the blockchain for your collecting pleasure. Purchasing the NFT unlocks this exclusive content:

  • • Character video x1 : rotating (1080x1080px mp4)
  • • Character images x3 : front, back and avatar (1080x1080px RGB png)
  • • Paper toy template x2 : print (210x210mm 300dpi CMYK jpg) and web (2700x2700px RGB png)
  • • Augmented reality 3D models x2 : iOS (usdz) and Android (glb)


Limited Crypto Editions

001 : Blanksy 27 Editions :

Blanksy is inspired by the world's most famous street artist, in a monkey mask disguise. Make sure to exit through the crypto shop on your way out.



PLEASE NOTE : 3D Files will remain on IPFS via passworded access, but the functionality of the augmented reality web viewer is only guaranteed on modern browsers. You can download the 3D files to use in programs or systems that support the filetypes.